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Mobile Dog Grooming in Frisco TX

Kontota provides quick and convenient mobile pet grooming services in Frisco TX so your pet spends less time at the groomer’s and more time with you!

Setting the Record for 5-Star Excellence for Mobile Pet Grooming in Frisco TX


Kontota 27 Step Mobile Pet Grooming Process

The Kontota 27 step process is a thorough process that allows our groomers to provide the best experience for our customers. You will see what a difference it makes to use Kontota as opposed to anybody else.

Highest Salon Quality

Kontota provides the highest salon quality because the vans are fully equipped with all that is needed for a full quality groom. Take a look at our vans to see how fully equipped they are.

100% Natural products

At Kontota, we understand that customers did not want any harsh products or chemicals used on their dog. Therefore, we use the safest most natural products.

Sanitized and clean vans

At Kontota, all Groomers are taught to sanitize and clean the vans every single grooming appointment. That way you have peace of mind that your dog is not being exposed to any germs.

Mobile pet groomer in Frisco TX

If you are looking for a mobile pet groomer in Frisco TX, you have come to the right place! Mobile pet grooming consists of a mobile groomer in Frisco TX driving to your house and grooming your dog in their mobile grooming van. The van is designed specifically for the comfort and top-notch care of your pet. It contains a grooming table, a tub, fresh water, and dryer. Worried about the temperature? The AC, water heater, and air heater are all tailored to your pet’s comfort in the van.

Salon quality mobile dog grooming in Frisco TX

You can change your dog’s appearance in 3 hours or less with our mobile grooming services.  We will transform your dog into a happier, healthier family member.  We know that pets are part of the family, and we treat them as such.

Mobile Pet Grooming In Frisco TX

Features and processes

Frisco is a city in which people undoubtably love their dogs.  Mobile grooming in Frisco TX is more comfortable, and it is a seamless process in which dogs are treated with the utmost care.  Kontota mobile pet bathers in Frisco TX wash the dogs 3 times, they apply a conditioning treatment, and they manually blow dry the dogs.  Manual blow drying still uses a force dryer, but the dryer is used in a controlled environment where the groomer can monitor the dog’s reactions to the dryer and adjust according to the dog.  Conversely, when dogs are put in cage dryers in a brick-and-mortar setting, it is not possible to make these adjustments.  Therefore, mobile grooming enables a safer and more comfortable drying process.

The best way to analyze dog bathing in Frisco TX is to ask a lot of questions when you talk to the customer service representative. When you call, does somebody answer right away? Is that person compassionate? Do they listen to your needs and show interest in your dog? At Kontota, we have the most compassionate and patient individuals working at the company. All these individuals are aligned with our core values of safety and customer satisfaction. You know that your dogs are in the best hands with our groomers. You also know that our customer service representatives are trained to handle any situation.

Mobile grooming vans are the cleanest and safest environment for your dog. You want to know that your dog is not being exposed to any pathogens during mobile dog grooming in Frisco TX.  One of the most important aspects of dog grooming in Frisco TX is safety and sanitation. Kontota trains all their groomers to clean their tools and every surface in the van between all the appointments. Also, the fact that your dog is not being exposed to other pets in the van does protect them in a huge way. There is plenty of evidence that shows that Kontota’s pet grooming services in Frisco TX provide very safe and sanitary environments for pets.

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The best mobile dog grooming for your fur baby in Frisco TX

If you are looking for a pet groomer in Prosper TX. Look no further! We are the groomers that will take the best care of your dog in the shortest amount of time, and with the highest level of safety and convenience for you. We value our customers, experience, and happiness more than anything else. Book an appointment with us, and you will not regret it!