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Need mobile dog grooming in Coppell TX?  We take joy in serving dogs and bringing happiness to their owners. Our goal is to craft a delightful experience where both you and your pet feel content. Learn more about our offerings and get to know us better.

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Kontota 27 Step Mobile Pet Grooming Process

We highly value structured processes. Each dog groomed with Kontota is ensured a consistent experience. Every dog receives comprehensive services for hygiene and comfort, including a nail trim, ear cleaning, bathing, conditioning, treatment, haircutting, and more. Customer communication is of paramount importance to Kontota, and we follow procedures to keep our communication with customers clear. Throughout the grooming process, all customers receive updates to understand how the session is progressing.

Highest Salon Quality

At Kontota, we prioritize delivering the highest salon quality to each dog. Our haircuts are consistently beautiful, leaving dogs both looking and feeling great. Our thorough bathing process includes a triple wash, ensuring dogs are impeccably cleaned, and all their needs are met.

100% Natural products

We are committed to using only natural products at Kontota, ensuring each dog receives safe and natural care. Our products are carefully selected for their eco-friendly and natural qualities.

Sanitized and clean vans

Between appointments, each van undergoes thorough sanitization, including all tools and surfaces. Kontota uses the safest sanitizing products suitable for a grooming setting, prioritizing cleanliness and safety.

Kontota mobile dog grooming

Kontota mobile pet grooming services in Coppell, TX

Our skilled groomers prioritize your pet’s comfort, providing a stress-free and personalized grooming experience. Elevate your pet care routine in Coppell with our top-notch services, ensuring your beloved companion looks and feels their best. Experience unparalleled convenience for your furry friend with our mobile pet grooming services in Coppell, TX, where professional care is brought right to your doorstep.

Salon quality mobile dog grooming in Coppell, TX

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Mobile Pet Grooming in Coppell TX

Features and processes

Why choose mobile grooming? A better question is, why wouldn’t you? Mobile grooming offers unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need for dogs to wait at a traditional salon. Our groomers bring the salon experience to your doorstep in our fully equipped mobile grooming vans, providing a quieter and calmer setting that dogs prefer.

Safety is paramount at Kontota. We provide extensive safety training to all our employees, emphasizing safety during orientation and daily reminders. Safety is our foremost value and is always at the forefront of our minds.

The equipment in our mobile grooming vans is designed for efficiency, productivity, comfort, and safety. Our partners, with over 30 years in the business of creating mobile grooming vans, provide the best vans in the country, and we are grateful for their partnership.

At Kontota, the customer experience is exceptional. Our online platform allows customers to easily book appointments. Upon booking, customers receive a custom link to their pet’s portal, where they can access information about their pet and appointment details. Our app is a favorite among customers, providing easy access to employee profiles and appointment information.

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Improve your dogs health and happiness with mobile dog grooming in Coppell, TX

Choosing Kontota is a no-brainer for exceptional grooming services. We boast the highest level of service and a multitude of five-star reviews. Give us a try, and satisfaction is guaranteed!