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Looking for a mobile dog grooming service in Denton TX that creates beautiful haircuts as well as increased comfort and safety for your dog? You don’t need to look any further. We, at Kontota, are here to service all your needs. We cannot wait to show you why we are the best at what we do.

Setting the Record for 5-Star Excellence for Mobile Pet Grooming in Denton TX


Kontota 27 Step Mobile Pet Grooming Process

Doesn’t it feel great getting consistent service from a brand? At Kontota, we provide consistent service using our 27-step process for grooming. Our groomers are trained consistently on our standardized procedures to ensure that each customer is fully satisfied with their dog’s grooming.We often portray the dog with a duck on their head, some hair rollers, or a shower cap. It’s important to us to build that connection with our customers and be playful with the dogs. At the end of the day, we love working with animals, and we enjoy what we do.

Highest Salon Quality

Getting the highest salon quality is a must when it comes to mobile pet grooming. You expect the best for your fur baby. Our groomers are extremely detailed and will make sure that not a hair is missed during your dog’s haircut. We feel that having the highest standards is necessary.

100% Natural products

Ever worry about the safety of the products that are used on your dog? No need to worry with Kontota! We only use safe and natural products on all our pets. Our shampoos and conditioners are all eco-friendly.

Sanitized and clean vans

Cleaning and sanitizing the vans between appointments is a major policy of hours. Each van surface is thoroughly sprayed and washed between dogs. Also, we clean our tools, including our brushes.

Kontota mobile dog grooming

Tailored approach to mobile pet grooming in Denton, TX

Our mobile grooming services bring a new level of convenience to Denton residents, with specialized vans designed to create a stress-free and comfortable environment for your furry companions. Embrace the uniqueness of mobile grooming as we cater to Denton’s diverse pet-loving community, delivering exceptional services with a personal touch. Experience a tailored approach to mobile grooming in Denton, TX, where our skilled groomers combine expertise with a touch of Texan charm, ensuring your pet receives individualized care. 

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Kontota grooming services are the best in the country. Check out our reviews online to see why. We would love to provide you with a quote, so go ahead and book an online appointment so that our team can reach out to you.

Kontota's Excellence in Mobile Dog Grooming Denton, TX

As pet owners, we deeply understand the love and attachment you feel towards your fur baby. They are not just animals, but a cherished part of your family. Hence, they deserve the very best, and that includes first-rate pet grooming services.

Here at Kontota, we provide a unique and convenient mobile dog grooming in Denton Texas, that meets and often surpasses pet owners’ high standards.

All-inclusive bath service including nail trims, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and shampooing
Spa-like bathing with double wash and conditioner
Breed-appropriate haircuts and de-shedding treatments
Safe and comfortable nail trimming and grinding
Fragrance application and accessories included
Ear-cleaning services
Use of tearless shampoo for facial area
Teeth brushing for dental hygiene
Deshedding services with de-shed conditioner and brush time

Special add-on collections like Christmas Cookie, Comfort Oat, Aromatherapy Paradise, Stink-B-Gone, Little Pup’s Collection and Blueberry Bliss Whitening

Mobile Pet Grooming in Denton TX

Features and processes

Why mobile pet grooming? A better question would be why someone would not use mobile pet grooming. Mobile pet grooming is far more convenient and comfortable for both dogs and customers. Having a mobile groomer come to your house is a huge weight off your back. It is a relief not to have to drive your dog into a salon and deal with the stress. Also, your dog does not enjoy chaotic and stressful environments. They also don’t enjoy being caged and confined. In a mobile pet grooming setting, dogs are not caged during the process. They are handled as if they are human with the sensitivity and care with which we would treat our families. At Kontota, we treat dogs like family, and we put dogs first.

Safety is a major priority at Kontota. Knowing that your dog is in trustworthy hands is an enormous relief for our customers. Choosing the most safety-minded and patient groomers is the wise choice. At Kontota, we emphasize safety during our orientation and our daily safety meetings. We emphasize safe driving, safe animal handling, and all other types of work safely.

The equipment in the mobile pet grooming van is developed for efficiency and to keep the dogs safe. Each van contains 60 gallons of freshwater. Freshwater is used on each bath so that the dogs get clean water for their baths. We do not reuse water on any of the dogs. Additionally, we have a water heater that warms up the bathwater. Also, we have an air conditioning unit that keeps the air just as comfortable as it would be inside a house. Also, we have a heating unit that is used to heat up the salon space during wintertime.

Customer service standards are very important to our overall culture. Being responsive and available is a priority for us. Our online booking platform is available at any time, even overnight. Also, our phones are open seven days per week so that you can reach us any day. Additionally, every time a customer books an appointment, they receive a customized URL for their dog’s pet’s portal. The pet portal contains information on scheduling and on the dog’s appointments.

Why Choose Kontota’s Mobile Pet Grooming in Denton

Getting your dog pampered and groomed has never been more straightforward, all thanks to Kontota’s professional mobile dog grooming in Denton, TX.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose us:

  • Convenience. Our service eliminates the need for transporting your pet back and forth to grooming salons. We bring the salon to your driveway.
  • Professional, Experienced Groomers. Our mobile pet grooming Denton team comprises experienced groomers with the know-how to handle both the grooming process and any breed-specific requirements.
  • No Cage Dryers or Assembly Line Grooming. This ensures your pet is comfortable and without stress during their grooming appointment.
  • Clean, Sanitized Environment. The grooming session takes place in a clean, sanitized mobile salon, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Our mobile dog grooming schedules work around your availability, offering appointments that work for you and your fur baby.
  • Competitive Pricing. Our mobile dog grooming prices are affordable, and the comfort, safety, and happiness of your dog truly outweigh the costs.

At Kontota, we ensure that your fur family member is groomed in a stress-free, comfortable environment by a professional groomer. Their likes and dislikes are continuously noted and their preferences are respected. After all, grooming should not be a chore but an enjoyable spa experience.

Choose Kontota for a reliable, professional mobile grooming service for dogs in Denton, TX. Experience quality, convenience, and compassionate care from our expert and gentle mobile groomers. Book an appointment today!

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