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Have you had difficulty finding a mobile dog grooming service in Fair Oaks TX that is right for your pet? Kontota is right for every pet because we customize to our customers’ needs. Developing a deep understanding about your family’s unique preferences is a priority for us so that we can take care of your furry family member.

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Kontota 27 Step Process

There are 27 steps that are needed for every dog’s groom. We include all the typical services that go with a haircut, such as bath and nails. However, we also provide tons of other services, such as accessories and fragrance. Our customer service processes are integrated with these 27 steps and are the reason why we have been rated so highly by our customers.

Highest Salon Quality

Getting great salon quality makes all the difference for your pet. You can clearly see when you look at a dog’s haircut whether it was done by a professional or an amateur. At Kontota, we hold the highest professional standards regarding the beauty and functionality of your dog’s haircut. Our mobile pet groomers will really get to know you and what you want for your companion.

100% Natural products

Safe and natural products are used 100% of the time when we come to your home. Your dog’s skin and well-being is at the forefront of our minds. When we choose our products, we think about how comfortable your dog will be and the results of these products for your dog’s skin. We have a huge variety of products that are shown in our add-on collections on our service pages.

Sanitized and clean vans

Washing and spraying the vans between each appointment is typical practice for our mobile groomers. Before they arrive at your home, they will wipe down all the surfaces, including the walls. Furthermore, we always clean the tools between grooms.

Kontota mobile dog grooming

In the heart of Fair Oaks, TX, our mobile grooming service brings a touch of luxury to your doorstep, ensuring your furry companions receive personalized care and attention in the comfort of their own neighborhood.

Have you heard enough about our services and are ready for a price? Contact our customer service team to receive a price. In addition, when you book an appointment online, a representative will reach out to you directly with the cost.

Have you heard enough about our services and are ready for a price?

Contact our customer service team to receive a price. In addition, when you book an appointment online, a representative will reach out to you directly with the cost.

Mobile Grooming in Fair Oaks TX

Features and processes

In a brick-and-mortar salon setting there are many hassles and inconveniences. Getting your dog in the car can be difficult enough. Then, you have to waste your time driving your dog all the way to a salon. When your dog gets there, they are met with large amounts of noise and chaos. Salons tend to be filled with cages and barking dogs. Dogs do not enjoy being confined to a cage. Also, traditional salons usually employ the frightening method of cage-drying. Cage-drying consists of a dog being confined in a cage and having a dryer blow on them for a long period of time. At Kontota, we provide a completely different experience for our customers. Our mobile pet groomers drive to your home. They will receive your dog and get them groomed, and then they will bring your dog back happy, clean, and fancy. Your dog will not be caged at any point. Also, you don’t even need to leave your home to get our services. Usually, our services take 1 to 2 hours long. We will not take up your whole day and waste any of your time.

When it comes to employment and management, safety is our number one priority. We talk about safety and safe handling practices on a regular basis. Our groomers are required to embark on extensive animal-handling safety training. Safe driving within our communities is also very important to us. To ensure the safety of our dogs and customers, we always check our equipment for any safety concerns.

There are some customers that ask us if the van has adequate temperature control. This is a natural question and certainly something that we are happy to discuss. We have a large air-conditioning unit as well as back up air-conditioning in our vans. We also have a space heater and heaters that make the salon space comfortable in winter. We also have a water heater that warms up the water before the dog is exposed to their bath. Our groomers always fill up an enormous freshwater tank at the end of the day. Dogs are always washed with fresh clean water. None of the water is reused at any time. Within the van, we have much more of the necessary equipment that is needed for haircutting and bathing. We have vacuums to keep the area clean.

When you speak to our team, you can feel the care and patience that defines our culture. We love animals and we want to get to know our customers very well so that we can build a strong relationship. We are open seven days per week to take your call. We also have an online booking platform where you can book an appointment independently. This online booking platform is available even overnight. We will send you a link to a portal for your pet when you book an appointment with us. This link will direct you to information about your appointment and more customized information about your dog.

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Now you are fully informed about our safety protocol, the van equipment, our customer service processes, and the benefits of mobile pet grooming. Are you ready to book? Reach out to our customer service team and we’re ready to provide you with some pricing and appointment times.