Yorkie Grooming: A Complete Guide

Yorkie grooming can be such a rewarding activity! The Yorkshire Terrier came from Yorkshire, England, where it got its name. They are small with hair that grows long, and gives you a chance for creativity.


Brush and comb the hair. Therefore, the bath will not exacerbate any knots.

Trim the nails. If the dog is fidgeting and moving around, have someone help you. Otherwise, use a leash to ensure he or she doesn’t waddle off the table.

Black nails are difficult to trim because you can’t see the quick, the small blood vessel inside the nail.

Trim little by little, alternating between the nails but focusing on one paw at a time. White pulp will show inside the nail. The trick is to clip small bits so that, once a small dark circle shows the center, you stop. You have reached the quick.

Use a file or grinder to smoothen the nails.


Use a canine shampoo when bathing. Dilute it according the directions on the bottle.

Feel free to wash more than twice but no less. Once all the shampoo has been rinsed out, towel dry. Then, blow dry.

Apply a leave in conditioner, and brush again.

Yorkie Grooming

Yorkie Grooming

Technically, Yorkies don’t need to be trimmed short. Their long flowing hair makes them famous in show. However, any pet hair cut will prioritize maintenance. And besides, practicality and beauty can often go together!

For a puppy cut, consider using a 4 blade over the body. You might also consider using a comb attachment like a 5/8″ or a 1/4″. It depends on the look you want to produce. Whether you want it shorter or longer will determine which you choose. Consider how thin the hair is. If it is very thin, then you might want to leave a longer length.

A number 7 blade can be perfect for the chest and abdomen. Then, use a 10 blade for touching up the face, back of ears and legs. You can also simply scissor the face.

Use a 10 blade to clean up the tips of the ears and behind the ears. Then, use thinners to shape the face. Lift the hair on top of the head up and hold it between your fingers. Keep your fingers at the length you want and snip the top off. If you want to make a top knot, keep it longer and tie it in a cute bow.

The sides of the face should form a cute mustache, curving up towards the ears. There should be no extraneous bits. The hair around the eyes should not protrude.

Here is a video all about grooming the face.

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