Mobile Dog Grooming Services

What are Mobile Dog Grooming Services in Texas?

Mobile dog grooming services emerged as a trend when groomers would drive trailers to individuals homes to service their pets. Altogether, they provide a familiar environment that was stress-free, without cages.  Trailers were more popular; however, now, most groomers purchase a fully equipped van to service clients. 

There are private mobile pet groomers who purchase their own van and there are businesses who hire employees to serve customers and their pets.  These companies can provide employee benefits, checks and balances and a more comprehensive customer service experience. 

What is in The Mobile Pet Grooming Van?

A mobile grooming van contains everything you can get in a salon but without any cages or kennels.  Dealerships like Ram, Mercedes or Ford provide the van, and then sent to a conversion company. 

Mobile Pet Grooming Services

The features added during the  conversion depends entirely on the desires of the purchaser of the van.  In virtually all cases, there is an adjustable table with a hook for a protective leash. A retractable shelf can be used to transfer the pet from the grooming table to a tub. 

Many tubs are stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean.  All the mobile salons have a vacuum and two blow dryers to blow dry the dog.  They usually have a tool shelf or cabinet that is secure when the van is in motion. 

There are other features to maintain temperature and power the van and it’s equipment that might vary depending on who converts the van.  Many groomers like to get a van with a clipper vac that cleans as they go.  Some don’t prefer to use them because they work a bit differently from conventional clippers.  

The Main Advantages of Mobile Pet Grooming

Most pets can be emotionally traumatized in a salon environment with unfamiliar animals, cages and kennel drying.  Usually, animals are left in cages for many hours before grooming starts. 

By that point, they can sometimes be anxious, causing them to be fidgety.  If the pet is moving uncontrollably, it can easily cause injuries. Injuries can take place because they cannot remain calm around other animals and when they have spent a long time in a cage. 

Another reason why people often select services that come to their home is because they themselves don’t have the time or ability to transport the dog or cat to a salon and then pick them up again at the completion of the service.  They might have a disability themselves, they might be elderly or a senior citizen or they might be extremely busy and require the convenience of mobile services.

Dog getting a bath

What About Special Needs Pets?

Most special needs pets won’t tolerate a salon environment.  If a dog or a cat is emotionally sensitive or aggressive, then they are likely to overreact.  They will be much happier and calmer outside of their home cleaned and trimmed. 

Certain salons can even follow the guidelines from the AKC. Check out the S.A.F.E Grooming Program on their website.

Also, it’s much better for them to have individualized care.  Mobile groomers have the ability to focus more time an energy on one animal because they are less likely to be distracted by having to treat many in a row.  Therefore, they are likely to do a much better job servicing that pet.

How to Find Mobile Dog Grooming Services That Fit Your Needs in Texas

It’s easy to find a professional in your area searching online, visiting local pet businesses or vets or talking to a salon manager at a chain pet store.  You can simply tell them you have a special pet who needs individualized and top quality care and that you are looking for referrals to groomers who service pets from home.   

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